We are fortunate to have the company of our loyal English Pointers in the field and at work. Our Falconry expeditions revolve around finding prairie grouse with the aid of these magnificent dogs without whom it is nearly impossible to find these well camouflaged birds in a sea of sage brush, and during our abatement season they guard our raptors from predators at the weathering yard where the birds are kept while not working. Every third year we add a new canine companion to our team, the process starts with two new pups that are allowed to naturally develop, when they reach ten months old the training process starts and for the next four months they are polished and finished as fine hunting dogs. then the better of the two is selected to become a permanent team member and a good falconer’s home is found for the other one. We are currently raising 2 pups for this process. Pleased to introduce to you “Sage” and “Grace” two very fine English Pointers and legendary bird finders in making.