Bird Abatement & Falconry

Mike Rowe Joins Falcon Force for A Day

Mike Rowe, best known for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, shot an episode of his current television show, called Somebody’s Gotta Do It, with Falcon Force last summer. The shoot took place while we were in the thick of protecting wine grapes with our avian warriors. The day was packed with lots of … Continue reading Mike Rowe Joins Falcon Force for A Day

Vahé Alaverdian – New York Times Profile

Vahe Alaverdian

Vahé Alaverdian, the founder of Falcon Force, was recently profiled on the New York Times website, where he talked about his passion of falconry, and love of the American Southern culture.

Abatement Lecture at the Casa Dumetz Winery

Back by popular demand, on August 29th 2014, Falcon Force presented at Casa Dumetz winery, co-owned by Sonja Magdevski and Emilio Estevez.  This was our second appearance at this venue, and ended up being another very successful presentation.  Lots of great abatement stories were shared, accompanied with great food and a fantastic selection of wines. … Continue reading Abatement Lecture at the Casa Dumetz Winery

Falcon Force appearance on Yakima Valley Local news KVEW TV, an ABC affiliate!

“Lucipher”  our most recent Gyr/Peregrine falcon becomes a celebrity from the very start, watch journalist Ted Stroback with Lucifer riding his glove like a champ!

Falcon Force Making Headlines Again!

On Monday, July 13th 2014, Falcon Force LLC was featured on the cover of Seattle Times, a very positive and educational article written by Craig Welch.

Protecting the Family (farm) Jewels

During the summer months, in central Washington, isolated thunder storms are not uncommon. When ripe cherries get drenched with rain water, the purity of the distilled water allows it to penetrate the cherries through the skin causing major swelling. These gorged cherries exposed to the heat of the sun, after the storm clears, often split … Continue reading Protecting the Family (farm) Jewels