New additions to the Falcon Force team

This spring we welcomed two prominent clients to the Falcon Force family, and have been providing our bird abatement services to very large theme parks in Southern California. Due to this recent expansion we purchased 5 Harris’ hawks for abating seagulls and pigeons. The new female additions are named Tex Anna, Blaze and Oakley  (named after Annie Oakley the sharp shooter). The other two are males named Hit-man and Jingo. It had been a while since I worked with Harris’ Hawks and I have to admit, I had forgotten how amazing these birds are. The Tiercels (males) are so incredibly fast on the wing and they are so agile while turning corners. Their acceleration rate on a direct pursuit can only be compared to the speed of Accipiters, (the family of cooper’s hawks, Goshawks, and the Sharp shinned Hawks). The females though a bit slower on takeoff have such a sweet personality and their larger size has the advantage of presence to the seagulls. These new birds are now fully trained and their effectiveness is very remarkable.