Raising the bar at California Hawking Club Lure Flying Competition, Topaz Lake

Falconer with two falcons on the fist

On January seventeenth 2014, we competed at the CHC Lure Flying Competition in Topaz Lake and raised the bar to a level of falconry that historically had never been done before. Vahe´ lure flew Shaman, Ginghis and  Sitting Bull, 3 tiercel (male) peregrines at the same time and took 1st place. Keeping track of three dive bombing peregrines against a high noon blue sky without missing a beat is not an everyday visual.

“It has never been done before” said Kent Kearny of the Archives of Falconry, Peregrine Foundation.

Three falcons in flight

Falcon Force Featured On The Cover of LA Times

A very well written article by David Pierson portraying falconry based bird abatement and it’s benefits to cherry, blueberry and wine grape growers. Many of Falcon Force clients are interviewed and their positive testimonies re-assure our effectiveness in agricultural avian pest management. The article is accompanied by a great video by Bethany Mollenkof illustrating a usual work day in the field protecting wine grapes.

Read the article on the Los Angeles Times website.